HLI Programming

The Housing Leadership Institute consists of educational sessions, or programs, presented by a variety of presenters. These presenters include professional staff, campus organizations, other student RSOs, and also student leaders.

Please see below for more information about how to program, and some frequently asked questions about presenting a program.




“What if I Have Never Presented a Program Before?”

That is perfectly normal! We all start somewhere! Everyone is different and has different skills and levels of leadership development, that is why the HLI staff is here to help! You can reach the HLI co-chair, Nicky, to set up a phone meeting or a one-on-one to help guide you on the development of a program by emailing her at nccvp@rhaucf.com. If you keep reading through this email, a few basic getting started tips will be laid out.

“What Are the Different Programming Styles?”

There are countless ways to present a program. You can do it solo, with a partner, or even with a group! The actual execution of the program varies greatly! Some opt for a PowerPoint filled with useful information, where a back and forth with the audience encourages audience participation. Others do an activity and then make the students engage in discussion. There are countless combinations and ideas of what to do with your 50 minutes!

“How do I Start?”

We recommend following this order to start planning a successful program. First, pick a theme or topic for your program. Second, figure out the learning objectives! Think of what you want the students to take away from the program. Third, find out how you want to do introductions! Introduce yourself, have those in your program introduce themselves, and then introduce the topic! This can be done just by speaking, showing a PowerPoint, asking the audience some warm-up questions, etc. After introductions, you must explain and educate on the topic you have chosen. This explanation can be done through a game, a craft, a PowerPoint, an activity, etc. Once the topic has been explained and the students have absorbed the information you should enter into a discussion. This is usually done by asking the students what they think of the information and asking questions that provoke positive discussion between the students. This can be done however you want. Submit your program here: http://rhaucf.com/hli/program/ by 7/11/2021!