Housing Leadership Institute’s Impact

What is HLI?

The Housing Leadership Institute (HLI) has most recently won the 2018 SAACURH Program of the Year Award. This prestigious award is voted on by 64 other schools in the South Atlantic region and candidates go through a rigorous application and bidding process. The award was given to HLI due in part to its success with students, the impact it leaves, and the opportunities that arise for students that attend.

Marie Tucker, former director of RHA, started her journey at UCF as an attendee of HLI 2017. From there, she became heavily involved in RHA and grew as both a person and a leader. Her journey started by attending HLI 2017 and through there she met new people, found support in a home away from home, and began using her time at UCF to give back to the community.

Two other examples of former Executive Board members, Advocacy Coordinator, Ameerah Kalai, and Business Administration Coordinator, Casey Cliett, both attended HLI 2018 and through there learned about all the opportunities on this campus and started the year well equipped to start the journey through leadership.

Many of the students who attend HLI go on to hold leadership positions either as student staff members within the UCF housing department, RHA members, or are actively involved within other clubs and organizations at UCF. Below are some testimonials from those who have attended in the last two years.


“HLI was a cool event that allowed me to meet new people and make friends with other freshmen like myself. The programs held were both fun and a learning experience when it came to leadership and moral values. I made a lot of friends at HLI and it was worth it.”
–Salvator Monaco, HLI 2017

“Attending HLI was one of the best opportunities I’ve had in college thus far. I was able to meet various types of amazing people and learn how to further my career as a leader. The workshops were eye-opening and I really enjoyed the different choices I had. I could customize my week to what I wanted to learn and the skills I wanted to gain. Those memories and skills will last a lifetime, along with all the friends I made there. I am really appreciative of the conference, and it is the reason I began my journey through housing. I am currently a chair for NRHH, and am now becoming an RA, all thanks to HLI.”
— Jazmyn Hernandez, HLI 2017

“At HLI I had an amazing experience. It was a great start to find my place at UCF. It brought
me many leadership opportunities in the housing community. I met so many new people that gives me amazing connections! I am so thankful I had the opportunity to attend the conference and be educated in these leadership opportunities!”
— Ally Oullette, RA and HLI 2017 attendee

“I began my time at UCF as a freshman during the Summer B 2018 term. I was very lost, didn’t feel connected with the campus, didn’t know how I could become a leader at such a large campus, and didn’t have many friends with my interests. However, I can truly say that I began to love UCF and became confident in myself as a student and leader here after HLI. I met some of the most genuine and caring people, some of which I know will be lifetime friends. HLI provided me with opportunities to grow as a student through the workshops where I learned how to build my resume, growing as a leader, as I learned about how I could become a leader on such a large campus, and as a human as I learned more about social justice. As of the fall term, I have become the Vice President of the Hercules Community Area Council , applied to SGALC, and in the process of applying to be a Resident Assistant, and a O team leader. Without a doubt, HLI gave me confidence to branch out and to be confident in myself.”
— Jasmine Fletcher

“Honestly the HLI program was one of the best decisions I’ve made coming to UCF. I’m not a very closed off person in the first place but being in the HLI program really helped me open up even more than I had been before, and also taught me how to communicate with others more efficiently. I know about my strengths and how to improve them to a greater capacity so that I may be a more productive student leader on campus. I’ve also made a lot of friends and even if we don’t stay close, at least it’s a familiar face so that such a big school doesn’t feel too big after all. Overall I really enjoyed the program and all that it entailed, and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering in the future.”
— Fallon

“HLI helped me to learn about other people and things that are around me that I usually would not pay attention to. I am so thankful that I was apart of the program. I met many people who are now my good friends #HeyHLI”
— Francesca Diaz

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