Area Council FAQs

“What is an Area Council and What Do They Do?”

An area council is a group of students living on campus that advocate for the residents within their housing communities, and also plan and organize programs with the guidance of the Residence Hall Association (RHA) Executive Board. There are 10 area councils each representing a different community. These communities include Hercules, Nike, Neptune, Apollo, Libra, Lake Claire, Towers, Northview, UnionWest, and Rosen. This means that the community you reside in for the year is the area council you would be able to join! A resident of Lake Claire could join apply to be on the Lake Claire area Council.

An area council is comprised of an elected student board and community representatives. An area Council currently seats five positions: President, Vice President, Events Chair, Marketing & Communications Chair, and Advocacy Chair. The rest of the area council is comprised of Community Representatives that act as additional hands when executing events, giving programming input, aiding in advocacy initiatives, and anything else the community may need.


“What is a Program?”

‘Program’ is a term used for an initiative started or event hosted by area councils for residents. These are planned by students on the area council, for their fellow peers. Some example programs area councils have executed in the past are tie-dye events, haunted houses, carnivals, Super Bowl parties, and even polaroid picture-taking events! Due to COVID-19, programs looked a bit different this past year. However, we are confident that going forward our creative and innovative students within our area Councils will be able to come up with great virtual, in-person, or hybrid programming. 


“How Do I Get Involved?”

Applications for Area Council officer positions open at the beginning of the semester! You may apply for any of the five elected board positions, or to become a community representative, until the deadline closes on September 10th, 2021. After the applications close, voting will take place from September 13th through September 15th. Voting is open to any and all residents living in a UCF affiliated community and those that vote should only do so within the community they are living in. Applicants will be informed of the decisions the following week. If you are elected into a board position or become a community representative, you are expected to attend Fall Leadership Day on Friday, September 24th, 2021. Fall Leadership Day is where you will be trained on your position, gain valuable professional and personal development, as well as connect with your area council!

“What Requirements Are There?”

The only requirement is that you live on-campus during your time on area council! Area Council officers must additionally maintain a 2.5 GPA. If you are a Resident Assistant you cannot serve on Area Council, but you can support your Area Council by getting your residents involved by telling them to either join their area council or attend programs!

Any additional information regarding Area Councils can be requested using the contact information on the Contact page.