RHA strives to provide residents with an on-campus living experience that complements their academic experiences through programming, leadership opportunities, and advocacy.

“Redefining Home at UCF”

What is the Residence Hall Association?

The Residence Hall Association, more commonly known as RHA, is a registered student organization that is both affiliated with the Department of Housing and Residence Life (DHRL) and also advised by a full-time DHRL professional staff member. RHA works year-round to bring the best opportunities to residents and strives to see them be actively involved in the community. RHA believes that through the leadership opportunity it provides its members they are able to grow academically, professionally, and personally in order to have a more enriching university experience. The Residence Hall Association puts on programs and events that are geared at providing an enriching and fun experience for all those that live on campus and provides funding to area councils so they can do the same for members of our on-campus population.

How is RHA structured?

The Residence Hall Association is unique in its structure. RHA can be considered a parent organization to Area Councils. Area councils are described as a group of residents from the same community that come together to plan and execute events for the students of their community. RHA gives the students funding to put on events and aids the students in understanding how to plan, how to budget, and how to market their events. Area Council members are also general body members so they attend RHA general body meetings to give updates, socialize, and market their events. For example, the residents of Apollo who apply to be a part of Area Council would run the Apollo Area Council and then attend RHA’s bi-weekly general body meetings that all other Area Councils attend as well.

How is an Area Council Structured?

An Area Council is comprised of board members and community representatives. There are five Area Council Board positions: President, Vice President, Marketing Chair, Business Administration Chair, and Advocacy Chair. There is no limit to the number of community representatives that an area council has.

How do I become a member of RHA?

If you live in any on-campus residence halls (Apollo, Libra, Lake Claire, Nike, Hercules, Neptune, Towers) or a UCF affiliated community (Northview, Rosen, Union West) then you are already a general body member of RHA! You are allowed to attend our general body meetings and are always welcome to attend the meetings to receive updates on the happenings of the on-campus community.

How do I become a member of an Area Council?

The week before the fall semester starts, applications to Area Councils will be open. The applications will be for the five board positions and the community representatives. The five board positions are elected at the beginning of the year and the community representatives are chosen by area councils on a rolling basis. That means that if you did not apply to be a community representative at the beginning of the year, it is not too late to get involved! Applications for community representatives are always open.